Currently transitioning to - Our new instagram handle is @burntcanoestudio

About Us

Otwaze is more than just a brand. It's an idea, a way of life. Founder and designer Otway Denny established Otwaze hoping to connect a body of like-minded dreamers - those who realize that the future is inscribed in the minds and hearts of today's young people. Our goal is to inspire our fellow humans to pursue greatness, to embody the tenacity and initiative that will lead us to a brilliant future...and to do all of that with style of course. 

Otwaze is locally owned and operated in New Orleans, LA. And we couldn't be happier operating in the greatest city this or that side of the equator. Become a part of the Otwaze community and get a taste of the unwavering spirit that New Orleans has made famous. We've supplied the seed. It is up to you plant it and watch it grow.

Keep thinking. Keep creating. Keep going.