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It's All Wood! Custom Woodworking

Otwaze has branched out into the world of wood.  Our founder and wood enthusiast, Otway Denny, carves and crafts all of these wooden creations by hand out of the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. 

Our most popular hand-crafted items

  • Roux spatulas - flat on the bottom with one curved edge to hug the side of the pot while making a roux 
  • Cooking, serving, or eating spoons
  • Edge grain cutting boards
  • End grain cutting boards - End grain boards are much more durable than edge grain. If you fancy yourself a good cook or better yet a chef, you shouldn't be seen using anything other than end grain. Juice grooves are also an option with these. Groovy. 
  • Live edge magnetic knife racks
  • Cheese and charcuterie boards with accompanying cheese knives and spreaders
  • Custom framing
    • Floating canvas frames
    • Picture or poster frames
    • Reclaimed wood frames
  • Cedar Planters - weatherproof, insect proof, hurricane proof (as long as they keep missing us). 
  • Sculptures and wall art 
  • other wooden items we make include but are not limited to coffee mug racks, chop sticks, coat racks, coasters, wine racks, birdhouses, little libraries, and so on.
If you're interested in any custom wooden creations, listed or not, shoot us an email or dm us on instagram @otwaze, and we will make it happen.