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You Do You Tee

  • $ 20.00

Let Frank the llama literally be the clothes on your back with this super soft tee. These shirts are locally printed in New Orleans by masters of the screen printing craft.  With both quality and comfort in mind, we use the incredibly soft Bella + Canvas Tee that you won't ever want to take off. This design, You Do You, is the visual representation of our founder's spirit guide - Frank the llama. But Frank the llama is much more than that. He is a symbol.  Now, "you do you" is a seemingly simple phrase, but it is one that holds a great deal of weight.  "You do you" is a message of individuality, tolerance, and respect. We are all on this wonderful planet as individuals, yet part of one greater whole - the human race. We are powerfully different yet strikingly similar. We look at others and tend to focus on our differences, and we far too often overlook our extraordinary oneness. This duality between the individual and society is at the heart of being human.  We must respect our fellow people and let our differences be what connects us. You do you.